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Eco Conscious Multi Recycled Scrap Plastic Buttons 25mm


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The recycled scrap plastic used in these buttons is derived from pre-consumer waste and excess production materials such as plastic buttons, pan casings and buckles that have been broken during the making process and much more. These materials are them broken down a mixed with polyester to create the multi colour effects seen on these buttons.
Taking waste and turning it into something new.

Due to the nature of how this product is manufactured, colours may vary.

This versatile, recycled, plastic scrap button is perfect for adding to knitwear, clothing and accessories.

  • Composition: recycled plastic scrap and polyester. The plastic scrap is taken from excess production materials, taking waste and turning it into something new.
  • 40 Lignes/25mm.
    4 hole button.
  • Wash at 40 degrees.
Haberdashery Colour


Haberdashery Type