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Coats Moon Polyester Sewing Thread 1000 Yard


SKU: M-Thread

Coats Moon thread is world renowned, high quality sewing thread that we recommend for overlocking use in particular.

100% spun polyester.

The listing is for a single 1000yrd reels of Coats Moon Thread.

Please choose your desired colour from the colour chart and find the associated code to that colour.  Use the drop down box to choose your colour to add to the basket.

Coats Moon Thread Colour

Black, M0001, M0002, M0003, M0007, M0011, M0012, M0014, M0018, M0019, M0026, M0028, M0030, M0031, M0038, M0040, M0044, M0046, M0050, M0055, M0056, M0057, M0061, M0065, M0067, M0073, M0075, M0078, M0079, M0089, M0090, M0092, M0094, M0095, M0097, M0101, M0103, M0105, M0107, M0108, M0110, M0203, M0209, M0211, M0220, M0222, M0230, M0231, M0238, M0246, M0247, M0257, White