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Robert Kaufman Essex Yarn Dyed Charcoal

£4.55 per ¼ metre

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A stunning quality fabric that is hugely popular with quilters.

Cotton and linen blend by US fabric designer, Robert Kaufman. It is perfect for dressmaking and quilting projects.

A fabulous weight – a mid weight – making this the ideal choice for trousers, shorts, skirts, shirts, dresses etc as well as quilts, home accessories and crafting. Lusciously soft but holds some structure (great for collars, cuffs etc) but will gather and ruffle really well too.

This beautiful fabric has a “shot” appearance, meaning that the warp (lengthwise threads) are dyed one colour and the weft (side-to-side threads) are dyed a second colour. The word ‘shot’ here means that the shuttle carrying the weft thread is ‘shot’ (thrown or mechanically moved) across the warp. It gives the fabric a delicious and subtle two tone effect.

Colour – Charcoal. Almost black (very dark grey) with one yarn much lighter.


189 gsm.

55% Linen, 45% Cotton.

Cool wash.

112 cm wide.

Fabric Brand

Robert Kaufman

Fabric Colour

Black, Grey & Silver

Fabric Type

Cotton, Linen, Linen Blends & Ramie