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Vlieseline H609 Fusible Stretch Knit Interfacing Black

£3.50 per ½ metre

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Fusible knit interlining, made out of fine Polyamide yarn with a very soft and elegant hand feel.

Application areas

For the fusing of small parts and front parts in clothing made from high-quality and highly elastic outer fabrics such as jersey. Suitable for light- to mediumweight elastic fabrics.


1. Lay the interlining with the coated side facing the reverse side of the fabric.

2. Iron on dry for around 8 seconds.

3. Press the iron down firmly over each section 5–6 times. (Iron setting: silk/wool). After fixing, lay the pieces down flat to cool down for around 30 minutes to allow the bond to stabilise.


• Washable up to 60°

• Easy to work with

• Retains its shape


Haberdashery Brand